Sunny Mother Nature Says Use Curtains

Sunny Mother Nature says if you want to help Mother Nature, use curtains instead of blinds!

I love curtains.  I think the idea of pushing back floor length curtains to reveal the sunlight in the morning is just awesome.  Yes, it does bring to mind Victorian times, or medieval times, but I’m ok with that.

My problem with blinds, compared to curtains is this~ blinds are much more difficult to clean, or dust compared to curtains.  All you have to do with curtains is just put them in the washer on delicate/gentle cycle, and then for one minute in the dryer, and hang them back up. 

With blinds?  They collect the dust as well as dirt in your home.  If you want them to actually get clean, you have to scrub them~not so easy.

Also, have you ever noticed how much quicker blinds wear out compared to curtains?  Curtains last for years!  Yet, blinds will start to bend and they will stop “opening” so your only option is to just pull them open, or vice versa.  Even the individual blinds will begin to go different directions…I mean the list could go on forever!

Not only that, but the fabric of curtains, even if you’re done using them as curtains, could be used for something else.  With blinds?  They just go straight to the landfill~there’s no real way to really reuse them.

But overall, I think blinds just do not look as beautiful as if there are curtains on the windows.  Curtains bring an atmosphere with them to a room that blinds just lack.

So, use curtains, not blinds!  Mother Nature will love you for it, and your windows will add to the design of your room, not take away.

Go out, live greener, live sunnier, and have a sunny day!


Why to Avoid Fragrance and Parfum as Ingredients

Sunny Mother Nature says to avoid “fragrance!”

Try to avoid “fragrance” or “parfum” in the list of ingredients on your body washes, lotions, perfumes, face washes, body mists, even sometimes laundry detergents, etc.!

I touched on this topic in my earlier post Sunny Mother Nature Loves Castile Liquid Soap.  The idea that the FDA does not require companies to tell you what exactly they’re placing in their products under the “fragrance” label.  If you have an allergic reaction?  Too bad, you’ll never know what the exact ingredient it was you had a reaction too.  Good luck avoiding hundreds of ingredients you don’t even know of.

Yes, hundreds.  They can use hundreds of extra ingredients not listed on their product’s label if they list it as an ingredient under “fragrance.”

Not only that, but they could be harmful ingredients, like parabens, carcinogens, etc. and we won’t know.  It really is a scary thought to think about.

How many of those unknown ingredients are really good for us, or for Mother Nature?

I’m betting that if they were “good” ingredients, like argan oil, aloe vera, fruit extracts, etc. they wouldn’t be putting them under “fragrance”~ they would be using them in their ads and advertising them to push sales!

So, what to do?  It is a simple idea, but possibly difficult to follow~ Don’t buy any product that has “fragrance” or “parfum” in their ingredient listing!

This requires every one of us looking at those labels every time we buy something.  I’ll admit that there are times where I forget to and after buying a product, I’ll look at its ingredients.  Sadly, I’ll more often than not see “fragrance” along with all those other unpronounceable words.

I think partly the companies like using fragrance as a listing to fool us into thinking that because it’s the fragrance, then that must be an okay ingredient, when really it may not be so “okay,” or even safe for us.

When products have a fragrance, it’s ok, as long as those products list all of their ingredients.  To make this easier, go for natural products~most of the time they openly tell you every ingredient that is in their products.  However, be careful~  Even some natural companies state “fragrance” on their ingredient lists!

I believe that if a company does truly care about their consumers’ health, then they will list all of their ingredients.  If they do not list ALL of their ingredients, then just walk away from that company.  Our health is worth it!

So, read those ingredients and try to avoid “fragrance” in your products!

Mother Nature will love you a little more even if you just try to avoid “fragrance.”  After all, any ingredients that aren’t good for you, aren’t good for Mother Nature either!

So, go out and live a little greener and live a little sunnier!


Sunny Mother Nature Says Purple is for Romantics

Sunny Mother Nature says purple is perfect for Romantics!

Although it’s still the middle of January, it seems that many, including myself, are looking towards Valentine’s Day to get them through the snowy, winter season. 

I absolutely love pink!  But, I love purple just as much!  And with Valentine’s nearing, people always automatically think they must wear either red, or pink to look romantic.

But, hold on there!  If you want to wear something beautiful and romantic on Valentine’s Day, don’t feel you need to wear red or pink.

Instead, wear purple!  Purple is romantic, beautiful and feminine.  It’s a wonderful color for Valentine’s Day instead of the usual red and pink. Or, for anytime when you want to feel and look amazing!

So, here’s some of my picks from my Etsy Treasury List called “Purple is for Romantics.”

A Purple Dress (that looks like a top and a skirt) for that Valentine’s Day date, or any day to the office

From MyLolaFashion on

A Purple Flower Headband for that date, or just all day Valentine’s Day


From milarosedesigns on

and A Purple and White Butterfly Charm Ring for any occasion

From bellamantra on

All such pretty purple items!  And all are perfect for Romantics on Valentine’s Day, or any day you feel romantic!  So, try wearing purple this Valentine’s Day!  Mother Nature agrees that it’s a beautiful romantic twist to the expected Valentine’s reds and pinks we’ll be seeing.

If you would like to see all the items featured in my treasury, please click here

Please Note: I am not affiliated, nor do I know any of the Etsy shops I featured here, or in my treasury.  They just have beautiful items.

Sunny Mother Nature Says Create!

Sunny Mother Nature says try to create something, or at least work on something creative, at least once a week!

It is often times difficult to find time in our busy lives to create, especially to create on a regular basis.  Yet, by creating you will be focusing your energy on something positive~resulting in lower stress levels!

So, to get you started (if you don’t already have ideas on what to create) here’s a few ideas:

~crochet a scarf

~paint a landscape

~make a collage

~carve something out of wood, stone, etc.

~draw your pet

~knit a hat


Your mind is the only thing limiting you on what you could create!  Just try to work on something creative at least once a week.  You’ll feel less stressed.  You’ll even feel sunnier and a little bit happier (along with Mother Nature) every time you finish a piece!

Sunny Mother Nature Loves Flower Headbands!

Sunny Mother Nature just loves flower headbands!

I’ve liked this trend, but it wasn’t until very recently that I fell in love with it.  It is so easy to add a cute headband, especially one with an adorable flower, and just instantly look more pulled together and on trend! So many colors look awesome as flowers on headbands, but my personal favorites are black, hot pink, and dark purple!

Like this one from milarosedesigns on  It is a  black with white polka dots flower on a headband!  It is so pretty, and so quick to add to any outfit.

Please click here to go to this headband-

So, go grab a flower headband you already have, or buy one and start rocking an awesome headband!  

And Mother Nature won’t mind if you splurge on one if it means it’ll make your day, and the day of others around you, more sunny!

Please Note- I am not affiliated with milarosedesigns on  I just love their headbands!

Today’s Cup of Tea is Tropical Island Getaway with Sunny Mother Nature

Relax and have a cup of Tropical Island Getaway tea with Sunny Mother Nature!

I know it is winter, but I cannot get the beach off my brain.  So to help, I’m drinking Tropical Island Getaway tea, a blend you can only get from Compass Teas.

It is a caffeine free green rooibos blend.  It has peach, mango and papaya bits in it.  This makes it a fruity rooibos tea, to help you feel like you’re at the beach, even if you’re miles away from the nearest one (like me).

Rooibos is another tea that can be found in two types-green and red.  Both kinds can help aid in digestion. 

Tropical Island Getaway tea is $7.00 for 3 oz, which makes about 40 cups of tea!

If you would like to know more about the benefits of this specific tea, or are just interested in Tropical Island Getaway tea, please visit

So, grab a cup of Tropical Island Getaway tea, and we’ll both imagine we’re on a beautiful, warm, sunny beach with cool, clear, blue water…

“Sometimes the world feels scary and unsafe, but if you and I have a cup of tea, it’ll suddenly feel much more like a warm and inviting place.” ~Kim Maurer, aka Sunny Mother Nature

Please Note- I am affiliated with Compass Tea Company,  The price and ounces listed here were correct at the time I posted them.  They may change without my knowledge.

Sunny Mother Nature Says Don’t Watch the News-Read It

Sunny Mother Nature says avoid watching the news.  Read the news instead!

Watching the news has changed drastically since it first began in the 1940s.  Today’s news is basically 59 minutes of everything that is going bad in the world mixed in with ads telling you to buy, buy, buy!  Then, for that last 1 minute they will tell you a warm fuzzy story about a kid saving the dolphins, or something.

So, what does all that negative, bad news and all those ads do to you?  They raise your blood pressure levels and your stress levels.  And the kicker-most of the time you won’t even realize it.

What do you do?  Well, although it would be nice to live in a happy, anti-negative and anti-depressing bubble that is free of anything bad in the world-that is just not the case. 

So, read the news instead of watching it!  Read that newspaper from the library, or go online to read your news.  The results?  You will only read the news you actually want to know about, and because you are not actually watching live images of the bad news, you will be able to stay calmer.

After all, how much of that bad news can you personally, help to become less negative?  Very little of it.  So, by reading it, you will not be taking on the pressures, burdens and worries of the world as much as if you were watching it on TV.  Mother Nature understands that no one else can take the burdens that she deals with.  She wants you to have a fulfilling and happy life, and that does not involve becoming stressed and upset over things that you cannot change.

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