Everyday Products Edition: My Favorite Natural Products of 2012


Hello!  In this video (Part 2 of the Favorite Natural Products of 2012 series) I’m sharing my favorite natural everyday products- from laundry detergent, floss, sunscreen, to bug repellent spray, that I have either used throughout 2012 or that I discovered in 2012.  Enjoy and have a sunny day!

For the other half of my Favorite Natural Products of 2012- Beauty Products Edition: https://sunnymothernature.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/fav-natural-products-2012-beauty/

Products included in this Everyday Products video:

1. BottlesUP Reusable Glass Bottle
2. Dr. Bronner’s USDA Certified Organic Hand Sanitizing Spray in Lavender
3. Badger Aloe Vera Broad Spectrum SPF 16 Sunscreen Lotion
4. Sage Stone Botanicals Citronella Deet Free All Natural Bug Repellent Spray
5. Eco Nuts Natural Laundry Soap- Liquid Form
6. Radius USDA Certified Organic 100% Biodegradable Silk Floss
7. The Natural Dentist Stim-U Dent Thin Plaque Removers
8. Simply Straws Reusable Glass Straw in Blue
9. Graze Organic Organic Cotton Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags, set of 5
10. People Towels GOTS Certifed Organic Cotton Individual Towels

Please note: All of the products in this video I either bought myself or were given to me as gifts from family and friends, except for the Badger Sunscreen, the Sage Stone Botanicals Citronella Bug Spray, and the People Towels (The People Towels I received through the Stonyfield Rewards program).  I was not paid for mentioning them, nor was I required to mention them.  I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned in this video.  All the products in this video are ones that I love and that I would buy myself.

My Favorite Natural Products of 2012: Beauty Products Edition


Hi everyone!  I hope it is sunny in your life!  In this video (Part 1 of the Favorite Natural Products of 2012 series) I talk about my favorite skincare, haircare, and body products that I either discovered in 2012 or that I’ve used throughout 2012.  Enjoy, and have a sunny day!

For the other half of my Favorite Natural Products of 2012- Everyday Products Edition: https://sunnymothernature.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/everyday-fav-natural-products-2012/

Products included in this Beauty Products video:

1. Deep Steep Honeydew Spearmint Body Mist
2. Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Destress Express Spirit Essence
3. Awaken Certified Organic Room & Body Spray in Erbaviva
4. Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo
5. Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Conditioner
6. Pure Local Honey (if you can’t buy local honey, please buy USDA certified organic)
7. Josie Maran Argan Oil
8. Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Anti-Aging Moisture
9. Babybearshop All the Better to Kiss You With Certified Organic Lip Balm in Pepperminty
10. Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Lip Delivery Antioxidant Lip Gloss in Clear Frosting
11. Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soaps in Baby Mild, Peppermint, Lavender, and Citrus Orange Scents
12. Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butters in Sweet Citrus and Vanilla Apricot
13. Argan USA Argan Oil
14. La Tourangelle 100% USDA Certified Organic Sunflower Oil
15. Meowmeowtweet Deodorant Cream in Lavender (You don’t need to keep this in the fridge, I just like to do so)

Please note: All of the products that I talked about in this video I either bought myself, or were given to me as gifts from my friends and family.  I am not affiliated with any of these brands and am not paid to talk about any of them.  I enjoy sharing products that I have found that I love!

[CLOSED] Sage Stone Botanicals Giveaway and Review!

Hello!  Here is another video that I recorded a month ago that I’m just finally able to post up!

Sage Stone Botanicals is a small business out of Oregon that offers awesome organic and natural body care products.  Check out Sage Stone Botanicals’ website at www.sagestonebotanicals.com for more information!

Lavender Organic Hand Creme

Tangerine Lemongrass Organic Body Lotion, 2 oz travel size

Citronella Spray

Unscented Shower Gel

Peppermint Liquid Hand Soap

And I’m giving away one bottle of Sage Stone Botanicals Citronella Organic Bug Repellent Lotion, 2 oz travel size!  🙂

The required question to enter is: After watching the video review and/or visiting the Sage Stone Botanicals website, what is most appealing about Sage Stone Botanicals products to you?

For extra chances to win, you can do any, or all, of the options below:

1. Subscribe to my Sunnymothernature Blog

2. Subscribe to Sunnymothernature’s Youtube page

3. Like Sunnymothernature’s Facebook page

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5. Follow @sunymothrnature on Twitter

6. Follow @sagestonenow on Twitter

If you have already done any of the additional entries, you can just post a comment saying that you have.  For each entry, please leave a separate comment.  This will make it easier for me to use an automatic number selector, and choose one of the numbers.

Giveaway is open from 10 PM August 31, 2012 until 11:59 PM September 8, 2012.  Giveaway is open only to U.S. residents 18 years old or older.  I will contact the winner within 48 hours of the contest ending.  If I do not hear from the winner within 72 hours after contacting them, I will select a new winner.  Good luck!


UPDATE: And the winner is… Jea from Arizona!  Congratulations Jea! 🙂

Have a sunny day!


Please note:  I am not affiliated with Sage Stone Botanicals, nor was I paid to do this review.  I was sent the products that I mentioned in this video to try, but I was not required to review/mention them.  I planned to review only the products that I loved, and I do truly love all of them.  These are wonderful organic and natural products, that I will definitely buy for myself!

Lunapads Review

Hello again!

So here is the Lunapads Review that I’ve been wanting to post for months!  I actually attempted to record this two times previous to this one.  And this one I actually recorded over a month ago.  I finally found time to post it up!  I know this isn’t a video for everyone, but for those who are interested in Lunapads, or any type of cloth menstural pads/ cloth pantyliners, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Random~Whenever I mention “unwashed Lunapads” in this video, (i.e. I sent back an unwashed Lunapad maxi pad and liner inserts) I mean brand new and unused.  Just wanted to clarify. 🙂

If you would like to watch my Lunapads Haul and Intro video, check it out here: https://sunnymothernature.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/lunapads-haul-and-intro/

If you want to learn more about Lunapads, please check out their website: www.lunapads.com

Have a sunny day! 🙂


Please note: I am not affiliated with Lunapads, nor did they send any items/products to me free (other than the flyer and stickers, which anyone who orders from them can receive free, if they wish).  This was just the company that I was most drawn to when it came to trying cloth menstrual pads.

Loreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner Review and Why I’m Not Fond of It


I hope things are sunny in your lives right now!  When I heard of the Loreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner from a comment on another one of my videos on youtube, I was absolutely intrigued and amused that Loreal had jumped on the cleansing conditioner bandwagon.

However, although this product does have some positives (like it did cleanse my hair nicely), I have two main reasons why I do not like it, and would not recommend it to most people (if not all people).

Watch my video below to find out more! 🙂

Have a sunny day!


Please Note: I bought this product myself, and am not affiliated with Loreal in any way.  I just wanted to see how it worked 🙂

My Favorite Natural Products of 2011!

Hello!  I hope the sun is shining in your area of the world today!

So, I decided to do another video~ this time showcasing my favorite products of 2011 that are all natural products!  I try very hard to find and use products that are good for my health as well as good overall products.  These are all of my favs and I wanted to share them with you!  I love all of these products that I just keep buying more of them when I run out. 🙂

And yes, as I mention in the video, many of these products are the only product in their category that I use!  I didn’t realize how true this was until I watched this video 🙂

I’m probably not going to post all of my youtube videos on my blog since some ideas I’m thinking about doing are maybe more youtubeland than my blog.  However, if any of you would like to see them, you can either go to my youtube channel www.youtube.com/sunnymothernature, or if you would prefer me just posting them on this blog too, let me know!  🙂

The products I mentioned in this video are:

1) Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butters in Sweet Citrus and Vanilla & Apricot (Available at Sephora.com, QVC.com, and Josiemarancosmetics.com typically for $35 each)

2) Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil (Available at websites mentioned above; 1.7 oz for $48; 0.5 oz for $14; or 4oz for $96)

3) ArganUSA Argan Oil 32 oz (Available at zamourispices.com for $100 in plastic, or $110 in glass)

4) Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps in Lavender and Unscented Baby-Mild (Available at Target and drbronner.com for about $4.49 each)

5) Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizing Spray USDA certified organic (Available at drbronner.com for $3.99; it was available at Target, but I don’t believe it is anymore)

6) Josie Maran Argan Lip Gloss (These are only available at josiemarancosmetics.com for $18.  QVC and Sephora only have her Natural Volume Lip Glosses which I have not tried)

7) And lastly- Local Pure Honey!  or USDA Certified Organic Honey

I hope you enjoyed this video~ If you have any questions, or want to request a video, please leave them in the comment section below! 🙂

Also, check out my blog at http://www.sunnymothernature.wordpress.com

(I’m still using my laptop to record, so I know the quality isn’t the best.)

FTC: I bought all of the products mentioned in this video myself, except for this round of honey which was a Christmas present from my sister and brother-in-law, and this round of the Dr. Bronner products were Christmas presents from my parents 🙂  I do typically buy my products either in kits, or when there are sales, to save money though.  Also, I am not affiliated with any of these companies, nor was I contacted by any of them.  I just love all of these products and wanted to share them with you!

Have a sunny day!


Organic Milk Reviews and Why I Switched


I’m sorry it’s been another week since I last posted~ my last final was yesterday!  So, I’m going to be blogging much more frequently now 🙂

I’ve been trying to eat healthy and good quality foods, including a little bit more organic.  So, while I was looking into starting a No Processed Foods and No Sugar Challenge (which I’m doing right now) I started relooking at ingredient labels. 

Imagine my surprise when I saw nonfat dry milk in my Swiss 2% milk!  I did not like that.  Before this I had been drinking the generic grocery store brand’s 1% milk, and then the Swiss 1% milk, but I was having trouble with both of them spoiling on me within a couple of days (one time even the next day)!  That was when I went to 2%.

Once I saw the nonfat dry milk though, I decided to look into other options.  So, my dad and I were at the grocery store looking at all of the milk ingredient labels.  I questioned why some of the Swiss containers (the plastic gallon and 1/2 gallon jugs) had nonfat dry milk listed, but others (the plastic “water bottle sized” bottles and the cartons) did not.  So, I went to look at organic milks.

And what I found out later, after researching more, was that the FDA does not require companies to have on their labels whether or not they put nonfat dry milk in their regular milk!   

Apparently the only ways you can know if they add dry milk is if you call the company and ask them, or if they have more than 9g  of protein in each serving.

Why does it matter if there is nonfat dry milk in the milk? 

Well, for me, it’s just the fact that if I’m drinking milk, I want actual milk, not any nonfat dry milk in it.  If there is nonfat dry milk in it, it makes me not want to drink it. 

The actual reasons why are more controversial because some people believe nonfat dry milk is harmful to your health while others say that there isn’t enough oxidized cholesterol in nonfat dry milk to make a big deal of it.  More studies are needed to show whether there is enough oxidized cholesterol in nonfat dry milk, or not.

What it is though, is that nonfat dry milk is said to make you gain more weight in the long run.  For example, they are now saying it is better to drink whole milk instead of lowfat milk because the nonfat dry milk is added to a decent amount of lowfat and skim milks anymore. 

The other problem is that the process that makes milk into nonfat dry milk changes the cholesterol in milk to oxidized cholesterol.  This oxidized cholesterol has sharper edges than normal cholesterol.  So, your arteries than become irritated from the rougher edges, and start to create plaque.  This is the beginning of heart disease.  This oxidized cholesterol can even make other cholesterol in your body turn into oxidized cholesterol. 

All fun stuff right?..Yeah, not really.  So, when I realized this is what nonfat dry milk could possibly do, I was very happy to have already had the uneasy feeling about it and had already gone to organic milk a week before finding this stuff out.  I do not want to be the one they are testing this on. 

The Three Organic Milks

Ok, so I have tried three different organic milks, and there is a slight taste difference between the three.  Other than that, I find all three to essentially be the same and last for the same amount of time.  These last for the same amount of time (before they sour) that regular milk normally does~about a week.  (I personally am able to drink 1/2 gallon of milk within a couple of days though). 

I have tried Stonyfield Farms Lowfat Milk, Organic Valley 1% Milk, and Nature’s Promise 1% Milk. 

All three have a slightly different taste than regular milk does.  It could very well be the food that the cows are eating that causes this slight different taste, or something else.  However, this difference is not in a bad way at all.  It just takes a couple cups to get used to. 

How they rank (this is my personal preference, it could be a different ranking for you) :

1. Stonyfield Farms Lowfat Milk.  This one out of the three just tastes the best to me.

2. Organic Valley 1% Milk.  This is only slightly below Stonyfield Farms.

3. Nature’s Promise 1% Milk.  The taste in this one did taste a little bit worse than the other three.  However, it’s not such a huge difference that I wouldn’t buy it again.

I found that all three were very good quality organic milk.  All three were pasteurized (so you do not have to worry about that), and all three were available in my normal grocery store.  (You will have to check for availability in your own stores though. And if they don’t carry it, suggest that they do 🙂 ).

All three also are certified USDA organic.  Make sure that any organic milk you try is! 

So, why drink organic milk instead of regular milk?

Certified USDA organic milk is produced without the use of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, and persistent pesticides.  This means that you, and your family, will not be consuming antiobiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides that are harmful to your health that can be in regular milk.

The FDA even has confirmed numbers that show 80% of all antibiotics in America go to animal agriculture.  This is a scary number of antibiotics that we, Americans, are consuming, not because we are sick and need the antibiotics to make us better, but because we are eating dairy and/or meat (beef, chicken, etc.).  

A way to avoid this amount of antibiotics is by eating organic dairy and/or organic grassfed meats.

So, try an organic milk instead of your regular milk!  There are many different organic milk brands out there other than just these three.  These three (other organic brands do as well) have whole, lowfat, and skim milk.  Organic Valley even has little packages of 1% milk and chocolate milk for your kids, or for yourself, to take for lunches! 

You and Mother Nature will smile a little bit more knowing that you are drinking something healthy for you. 🙂

Have a sunny day!


Please Note: I am not affiliated with Stonyfield Farms, Organic Valley, Nature’s Promise, or Swiss, nor did any of these companies give me free milk, or products, nor did any of these companies compensate me for my review.  I started trying different organic milks because I was curious, and because my first choice, Stonyfield Farms, was out of stock constantly. 🙂

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