Sunny Mother Nature Says Think Quality, Not Quantity

Want to do something for your health, your well-being, and your environment (at home, work, etc.) that will also help Mother Nature?  Think quality over quantity!

The ads everywhere, the celebrities selling products, TV shows, movies, etc. all seem to tell us that it is good to have more things.  Things will make our world and lives better.  Yet, is this really the case?

The more things, products, items we have in our homes really do not bring us any more comfort than if we have less.  We want to think that by buying one more sweater, or one more beauty product, it will make us happier and feel more at balance.  But, it doesn’t.

I believe that we all want to be happy and have healthy lives and well-beings.  We can accomplish this, and one of the things that can help is by realizing when you don’t need anything.  And if you don’t need anything, don’t buy anything.  This will help us keep our minds, homes, and environments the most positive and balanced environments. 

But, for those times when you do need to buy something (and don’t confuse need with want) thinking Quality Over Quantity can help.  When you go to buy a product, item, etc., don’t buy the cheapest thing because it is the cheapest.  Instead, buy things for their quality.  Buy consciously.  Don’t buy for the sake of buying. 

Does it really make you happier to have one moisturizer that you love, or ten moisturizers that are only ok, BUT they were cheap?  The answer is easy, the one moisturizer that you love, wins!  That one moisturizer even takes up less space than those ten!  So, quality over quantity helps to declutter too!

If we follow quality over quantity, we will all have the items we need in our lives, like hygiene products, cleaning supplies, healthy foods, etc. but without the excess of wanting/ “needing” more of everything.

We will have less cluttered homes with only the things we need for life, with less excess, less waste, and we, along with Mother Nature, will be happier with less things in life. 

Afterall, lives were not meant to be measured by the things we have.

Have a sunny day everyone!


Sunny Mother Nature Says Resist!

Sunny Mother Nature says to resist along with reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Everywhere I go I always seem bombarded by “The Three Rs”- reduce, reuse, and recycle. All three are excellent and will help lower humans’ impact on the Earth but I feel like a fourth R is in order- resist.

But while we are being constantly told to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we are also being bombarded to buy, buy, and buy more. We need to resist the need given not hourly, but minutely by ads, TV commercials, etc. to us to buy and spend more.

To resist spending is difficult. I have to constantly remind myself that I don’t need something and that I already have products to use up before I buy more.

Yet, if we follow resist along with the other three Rs, we will save money, have more room in our house, apartment, etc. (because we’re not stockpiling products), we won’t be wasting products or money, and Mother Nature will feel a little sunnier.