Sunny Mother Nature Says Create!

Sunny Mother Nature says try to create something, or at least work on something creative, at least once a week!

It is often times difficult to find time in our busy lives to create, especially to create on a regular basis.  Yet, by creating you will be focusing your energy on something positive~resulting in lower stress levels!

So, to get you started (if you don’t already have ideas on what to create) here’s a few ideas:

~crochet a scarf

~paint a landscape

~make a collage

~carve something out of wood, stone, etc.

~draw your pet

~knit a hat


Your mind is the only thing limiting you on what you could create!  Just try to work on something creative at least once a week.  You’ll feel less stressed.  You’ll even feel sunnier and a little bit happier (along with Mother Nature) every time you finish a piece!