Sunny Mother Nature Says Use Handkerchiefs

Sunny Mother Nature says if you want to help save the world, use a handkerchief!

When I think of a handkerchief, I think of the 1700s, 1800s, etc. back when handkerchiefs were given to someone to show fondness towards a specific person.  I imagine a heroine from one of Jane Austen’s books either receiving, or giving away a handkerchief as a token of their affection.

Now, I don’t think too many people would appreciate getting a handkerchief anymore as a token of someone’s affection, but it still could help you attain Mother Nature’s affections.

Kleenex, tissues- whatever you want to call them, use up a lot of trees to make them.  And are they able to be used more than once?  No.  They have just become part of our throw-away society.  Now, if you are sick with a cold,etc. don’t feel like you have to use a handkerchief-you would end up needing twenty+ handkerchiefs per day!  And how many people even have two handkerchiefs anymore?  The more practical thing would be to just use a handkerchief whenever you sneeze, or need to blow your nose on any regular day.  Then, just throw it in with any load of laundry to clean!

So, how can you help save Mother Nature just with one change?  Use a handkerchief! Mother Nature will throw her affections towards you if you do.