My Top 4 Makeup Brushes- Featuring Ecotools and Bare Escentuals










Hi beauties!

It’s cloudy here, but hopefully Mother Nature has made it sunny near you!

Today I wanted to tell you about my favorite brushes.  I have various makeup brushes, but these are the four that I constantly reach for!

My Favorite Eyeshadow Brush: Bareminerals Shape & Define Double-Ended Brush (Far right)


(The eyeliner side)



This is just a wonderful brush.  The shaping side allows you to blend eyeshadows with ease on your lid.  Then the eyeliner side gives a precise application of eyeliner, or- how I typically use it- to apply white/light cream colored eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye.  A light colored shadow on the inner corner of your eye helps brighten the eye area (which I love!)

My Favorite Powder Brush: Ecotools Bamboo Blush Brush (Second from right)

My favorite powder brush is not actually called a powder brush.  Instead, it is Ecotools Bamboo Blush Brush.  Their powder brush was just too big for me.  So, I decided to try their blush brush as a powder brush.  It is wonderful!  The bristles are so soft and just glide across my face.  It applies enough powder, but not too much that you can see it.  What is also nice about this Ecotools blush brush is that it has taklon bristles that are cruelty free, has a recycled aluminum ferrule, and a bamboo handle.  So, the Ecotools brushes really are good for you and Mother Nature!

(If you’re wondering how the Ecotools blush brush performs as a blush brush, I do like it for that.  Yet, it does deposit much more product at once compared to other blush brushes.  If you want a stronger blush look, this is a very nice blush brush.  Otherwise, you have to be careful how much blush is getting on the brush.  So, if you want a more natural look, or are just starting to use blush, I would recommend a stippling brush for blush instead.  It is more fool proof.)

My Favorite Blush Brush: Bareminerals Feather Light Brush (Second from left)

I had roscea from when I was about nine years old until high school.  So, I was very reluctant to use blush until this past year.  This brush makes applying blush super easy.  With this stippling brush, the blush looks natural, but you can still see it.  Perfect!

My Favorite Liquid Foundation Brush: Bareminerals Light Stroke Brush (Left)

This brush allows you to have complete control when you are applying liquid foundation.  It gives you a nice coverage without looking cakey.

Those are my four favorite makeup brushes!  I hope they give you ideas for what brushes you can use.  And remember: just because a brush is advertised as meant for a specific purpose (ex. powder brush, blush brush, etc.) does not mean that you have to use it for that purpose.  Play around and see what brushes you personally like for different types of makeup!

Have a sunny day!


Please note: These three Baremineral brushes all came in kits I purchased a couple of years ago.  The Ecotools brush I received free- not due to my blog but because I participated in their Live Beautifully Campaign last year.  I was not contacted by either Bareminerals or Ecotools, and I am not being compensated for this post.  I just love these brushes and wanted to share them with you! 🙂

The Ecotools Blush Brush averages between $7 and $10, and is available (including but not limited to) at Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and Amazon.  The Bareminerals Feather Light Brush is available at for $24.  The Bareminerals Light Stroke Brush is available at and for $20.  The Bareminerals Shape & Define Brush is no longer available (there are some on ebay though)- but you can buy the eyeliner brush separately for $12 at  For the other side of this brush, look for a tapered blending eyeshadow brush. 🙂

Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign


I wanted to share this wonderful campaign that EcoTools is doing called Choose to Live Beautifully with you!

The first time I had ever heard of EcoTools was once last year when I was in Wegmans.  When I saw these EcoTools makeup brushes made of recycled aluminum, bamboo handles, and synthetic bristles I knew that the next time I needed brushes I would be buying them from this company.

Fast forward to yesterday when I randomly came across this awesome little campaign by EcoTools called Choose to Live Beautifully (I don’t quite remember how I ended up finding it~ all I know is that I started out looking for bamboo toothbrushes 🙂 ).

What you do is you send in a  new or used beauty product (limit two products per person) and you will then receive a coupon (up to 2 coupons) for a free product, worth up to $7.99!   And you know what else?  All donated products are recycled by Recyclebank! 

The only thing I can’t tell you is when this campaign ends~I searched all over and it does not seem to be listed anywhere.  However, I believe it is by the end of this month (the three stops they are making during this campaign around the USA are all this week~ two have already happened).

Now if only their products were made in the USA and not in China, I would absolutely love this company! (I believe that since we are trillions of dollars in debt to China that I personally do not want to add to that debt.  This is the reason why I try to buy as little made in China as possible).

Some examples of beauty products you can send in are cosmetic brushes, body washes, bath sponges, body lotions, body scrubs, body butters, body mists, and hand creams.

Please mail your beauty products, along with your full name and your mailing address to:

Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign

c/o Skirt Public Relations

2320 North Damen Ave, Suite 2D

Chicago, Illinois 60647

If you would like more information on the Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign, please go to, or go to

This is a wonderful way for you, and for you to be kind to Mother Nature, to recycle one or two beauty products that have not worked out for you, in one way or another.  Just please, make sure they are products that you would have probably thrown away, not products that you would have used, but you are going to send in just to receive the coupons.  Both my mom and I found products that we were planning to throw away before I found out about this campaign.  So, we happily sent them to this campaign instead of sending them to landfills.  Mother Nature will love you for it!

So, make sure you send in a product, or two, to this campaign soon if you want to be a part of this!

Have a sunny day!


Please Note: I am not affiliated with EcoTools, or with their Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign, nor am I being compensated by them.  I will be receiving two coupons from them, but they are from me participating in this campaign, not because I have this blog.