How To Decide Which Tea Infuser is Right for You with Sunny Mother Nature

Sunny Mother Nature will give you the basics on how to decide which tea infuser is right for you!  You may even decide to own and use more than one (like me).

Picking out a tea infuser, if you don’t already own one, is one of the first steps to starting to make  loose leaf tea (the other step is buying loose leaf tea). 

So, here are the four most used types of tea infusers to choose from and the pros and cons of each.

 There is:

1) The Metal Mesh Tea Infuser

Pros-  reusable, dishwasher safe

Cons- small pieces of tea may get through the mesh and into your cup of tea

2) The Tea Ball (which normally comes with a charm on the end, so as the chain doesn’t slide into the water as the tea is brewing) It is the same as the Metal Mesh Infuser, but has a chain instead of a handle.

Pros- reusable, dishwasher safe

Cons- small pieces of tea may get through the mesh and into your cup of tea

3) Tea Filters, AKA Tea Bags- Please do not mistake these “tea filters” as the equivalent to coffee filters.  Instead, these should be called tea bags, because you are essentially making your own tea bags.

Pros- biodegradable, chlorine-free, like making your own tea bag, no tea gets through the filter

Cons- not reusable


4) The Cup Infuser

Pros- reusable, does not allow tea through the mesh, dishwasher safe

Cons- more expensive than the other types of tea infusers

My personal faves are the tea filters (aka tea bags) because you do not have to deal with attempting to get all of the tea out of the metal mesh.  Also, none of the smaller pieces of the tea can slip through the filter (unlike the mesh ones) and into your tea.  However, all four of these choices Mother Nature would love because one is biodegradable and the other three are reusable.  So, you will be not harming Mother Nature while you enjoy your teatime!

You can get all of these different tea infusers from Compass Teas at, and many other tea suppliers and tea places. 

So, pick your favorite tea infuser and go see the next “How To’s with Sunny Mother Nature” to learn how to make loose leaf tea.

“Sometimes the world feels scary and unsafe, but if you and I have a cup of tea, it’ll suddenly feel much more like a warm and inviting place.” ~Kim Maurer, aka Sunny Mother Nature

Please Note-I am affiliated with Compass Tea Company.