Lunapads Review

Hello again!

So here is the Lunapads Review that I’ve been wanting to post for months!  I actually attempted to record this two times previous to this one.  And this one I actually recorded over a month ago.  I finally found time to post it up!  I know this isn’t a video for everyone, but for those who are interested in Lunapads, or any type of cloth menstural pads/ cloth pantyliners, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Random~Whenever I mention “unwashed Lunapads” in this video, (i.e. I sent back an unwashed Lunapad maxi pad and liner inserts) I mean brand new and unused.  Just wanted to clarify. 🙂

If you would like to watch my Lunapads Haul and Intro video, check it out here:

If you want to learn more about Lunapads, please check out their website:

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Please note: I am not affiliated with Lunapads, nor did they send any items/products to me free (other than the flyer and stickers, which anyone who orders from them can receive free, if they wish).  This was just the company that I was most drawn to when it came to trying cloth menstrual pads.

Lunapads Haul and Intro

Hello everyone!

So I hope the sun is shining in your area of the woods today.  I haven’t gotten a chance to do any videos recently, and this is something I’ve been looking into for a while.

This type of video (or topic) is not for everyone, and I understand this.  I feel that menstruation is a part of life and is a natural process though.  Therefore, I wanted to share with you a new company that I recently ordered from~ Lunapads! 🙂

Lunapads is a women-owned Canadian company that sells reusable cloth menstrual pads and pantyliners, along with some other items.  One of the things that drew me to Lunapads was that they truly want women and girls to accept their bodies, and feel great about being a woman.

If you aren’t sure whether reusable menstrual pads are for you, that’s ok.  I recommend trying reusable pantyliners first.  I did this, and this was what convinced me that I did want to try Lunapads pads too. 🙂

So enjoy watching, and if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below!

Have a sunny day 🙂


Check out Lunapads here:

Check out Planet Wise here:

Please Note:  I bought all of the items shown myself just because I was interested in them, and I am not affiliated with Lunapads or Planet Wise.  I wanted to share this with you because I feel that these types of products have the potential to have a very positive impact on our individual health and Mother Nature’s health as a whole. 🙂

Alternatives to Refined Sugar and Artifical Sweeteners

Hi everyone!

Let’s face it~for most of us, there are just times where we want something sweet and/or sweetened, regardless of whether we’re trying not to eat sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, etc.  So, here are some nice alternatives to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners to try!

And remember, that whenever you are trying to switch from one product~ like sugar, splenda, sweet’n’low, etc.,~ that you have been using for months, years, or even decades, to another product, please realize that there will be a transition period.  Just be patient with yourself and your taste buds. 🙂

The Alternatives

Blue Agave~ This is a wonderful liquid sweetener made from agave nectar, from the agave plant.  It tastes very similar to regular sugar (to me it tastes exactly the same, but to my boyfriend it doesn’t completely).

If you need to make sure your blood sugar does not spike, this has a low glycemic index.  So, this will not make your blood sugar spike, which makes this a nice alternative for diabetics.  Blue Agave does have calories (This could be a positive or negative for you).

Before my No Processed Foods and No Sugar Challenge, I did really like blue agave as a sweetener.  However, I worry that it may make my face break out like regular sugar.  So, I have not tried it since my challenge.

Honey~ This is another natural sweetener.  It naturally has vitamins and minerals in it.  I have not found it to make me break out on my face at all (like I have trouble with when having any regular sugar).  So, this is a nice alternative for anyone with acne-prone skin.

Another awesome thing about honey is that if you buy honey from around your nook of the woods, it helps with allergies you may have trouble with, like pollen allergies.  If you buy honey that says “Product of U.S.A.,” or from somewhere else in the world, that’s fine, you just won’t get the allergy help (U.S.A. is too general to really help with allergies).  To get a really good honey, you want to find one that is pure and raw which will look creamier than “regular” honey.

This is my go-to sweetener now.  However, honestly it did take me a couple of uses to finally like it.  I have actually only started liking honey within the past month (and did not like it for the other 22 years of my life).  Now though, I love it. (Maybe this is partly because of my no processed foods and no sugar challenge that I now like honey?)

Honey does have calories (Could be a positive or negative to you).

*Make sure though that you do not use honey if you are allergic to honey.*

Stevia~ This is another natural sweetener from a plant.  If you normally use more artificial sweeteners, than this is the one that you will probably have a little bit of an easier transition to.

Out of the alternatives above and this one, this is the one that I am not completely convinced on.  I have heard that although this is from a plant, that it can make your body react like it is an artificial sweetener- in the fact that it may make you crave more sweet stuff (sugar may make you crave more sweet things as well, but it is not as bad as artificial sweeteners because sugar has calories.  Since artificial sweeteners do not have calories, the body thinks it has not gotten the food/sugar it thought it was going to receive.  So, it makes you crave more.)

Stevia does not have any calories, so this is why it is questioned whether the body reacts to it in the same way.

Regardless though, I still truly believe that this is such a better choice for one’s health than artificial sweeteners because Stevia is not a chemical. 🙂

And, if all else fails, use Organic Sugar!~ Although organic sugar will almost be the same as regular sugar, it at least is better for your health than normal sugar in this way.  When it is grown~ pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers are not used on it.  There are also no added chemicals to bleach or filter the sugar either.  Just make sure to look for USDA Certified Organic Sugar!

So, here are some of the good alternatives to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners!  What do you think?~ Did you find any of these to be useful alternatives, or could you just not stand the taste of one of them?  Comment below and tell us what you tried, and what you normally use as a sweetener (regular sugar, splenda, etc.)  Or, did I completely miss a wonderful alternative?  Comment and let me know! 🙂

I hope one of these alternatives to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners made your day a little sweeter!

Have a sunny day!