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Hi everyone!

So I wanted to let you all know that I am working on a full list of products~ ones that I used to use, what I am using now, and if I do not completely love the product I’m using now, what product I want to try.

I feel that my blog shows my journey of trying to find more natural and organic products.  Therefore, some products I initially thought were “natural” and “healthy” I actually no longer believe really are.  However, I do not want to just take down these reviews because I know that they still do help some people out, and that some people just do not focus on whether a product is natural or not, but rather whether the product works.  Also, I feel that to show my journey of trying to find healthy products that it is important to keep these posts up.

So, the new list is the solution!  Keep checking back for it~ I hope to have it finished and up by the end of today! 🙂

What are your thoughts~ should I keep these posts up, or should I take them down?

Have a sunny day!


UPDATE: I just posted my list of products on a new page on my blog called A Peek Into My Cabinet!  Check it out 🙂

How to Begin Decluttering Your Stuff (and Life) Or How to Begin Spring Cleaning









So this past weekend (and continuing until this next week) I have been studying for three mid-term exams!  However, I have also wanted to clean!  It feels so spring-like here, I must be ready for spring cleaning 😉  The image above I feel is a good representation of how I sometimes feel surrounded by the stuff in my life.

So, here are some tips I have been using to help me decide what I no longer need 🙂  These three tips are part of Step 4-Don’t have a lot of clutter, from the Feng Shui: What Not to Do article here.

1. Do I love it?  For some people, the answer may be that they love every single thing that they have in their possession (for those of you who this applies to, skip this step).  For the rest of us though, we probably do not love every single thing that we own.  If it makes you sad, feel down in any way, or makes you angry, if it is possible, give it away!  This will help to bring positive energy and feelings to you and your surroundings.

2.  Is it useful?  This can be a helpful question, but it can also be a difficult one that allows a person to continue having clutter.  So, more specifically, is it useful to you now?  Ask yourself whether you see yourself actually using it within the foreseeable future.  If so, keep it.  But, don’t keep holding onto that one shirt you’re sure you’ll wear someday again (I have been guilty of this too).  Just give it away, and move on. 🙂

3.  Does it reflect who I am now in my life?  This was the question that really helped me the most.  Since I have lost 35 lbs. from cutting out processed foods and sugar, I have been still holding onto clothes that really no longer fit me, nor that really even fit my personality anymore.  I still am holding onto some clothes that are too big for me (that I can see myself enjoying wearing later on just because it has not even been a year since I have lost the weight yet), but I have let go of those clothes too big for me, that are much more high school-ish, and that I did not even like that I was holding onto merely “just in case” I gained weight again.  And I feel so much lighter for doing it! 🙂  I also am starting to go through my collection of books, and giving away some that just do not fit my personality anymore, or that just simply do not make me happy.

I hope these questions help you lighten your belongings and help you lead a happier, clutter-free life!

Also, I just started a Facebook page within the past week.  Check it out! 🙂

Have a sunny day!


Please Note: Only the three questions are from the article I linked above.  All the commentary and descriptions after the questions are my own.

Also, the image above is used under the Commons license, shared by the Smithsonian Institution’s Photostream on Flickr, and can be found here:

Blog for International Women’s Day~ Ways to Connect Girls and Inspire Futures

Girl in butterfly or flower costume


Hello and Happy International Women’s Day!

Gender Across Borders and CARE are hosting Blog for International Women’s Day 2012 today!  And this year’s theme is “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures.”

As a culture, as well as members of a global community, it is imperative that we are actively involving, educating and inspiring girls in a positive way.

How do we do that though?  Although this may seem like a daunting task, especially in the hustle and bustle of today, there are in fact many ways that we can do so just in our everyday lives.











Ways to Connect Girls and Inspire Futures

1. Look at our own bodies in positive lights.  This may seem like this does not directly involve girls, but it does.  If we, the women of the world, do not look at our own bodies positively, how can girls who are growing up under constant media pressure that says anything bigger than a size 0 is not good enough?

By accepting and embracing our own bodies, flaws and all, and by radiating our love of our bodies, this could help even just one girl look at themselves in a more positive light.  The media tries to tell us, as a society, what type of body is acceptable, but we can help to lessen this pressure on young girls and teenage girls by saying and believing that this is not the case.

2. Talk about other girls and women (and boys and men) positively, including about their appearance, body, and personality.  Even if we all are able to accept and embrace our bodies, if we are judgemental towards another girl, woman, boy, or man, it shows our insecurities, as well as teaches girls a trait that does not help them to think positively about themselves, or others.

3. Tell a girl that she has a beautiful soul and heart.  Often times, we as a society focus on how beautiful a girl, or woman, is on the outside.  Yet, being beautiful on the inside is often more important in the long run.  Although some girls may feel this is cheesy, it will probably still warm their hearts to hear.

4. Genuinely compliment a girl.  This does go along with the previous suggestion.  So many girls I’ve known that are my age just do not believe a person when they compliment them.  They believe that either they are just saying it to say it, or that they are indirectly suggesting something negative.  This is rather than just believing that someone is, in fact, being nice to them.

We can help so many girls overcome this mentality by complimenting genuinely, and by accepting compliments that others give us too.

4. Be open to talking about topics that girls want to ask about.  So many topics still seem off-limits, between parents and their daughters, between sisters, between friends, and so on.  And therefore, there is often this silence.  Help to break this silence around various topics including menstruation, girl’s health, etc.  If we do not talk, who will?

5. Let a girl know that it is wonderful to be herself.  Remind her that being herself is much more important than being the most popular, or trying to be someone else.  And support her in the journey to find out who she is.

6.  Encourage girls to imagine.  Whether it’s imagining a job they may want when they grow up, re-enacting their favorite book or movie, pretending to be a mommy to their doll, or just playing make believe, let them dream.

And lastly, we need to help bring boys and men into the conversation as well.  Neither women nor men truly live separately in society.  So, we can encourage and teach boys and men to treat girls and women as equals, and not as objects to acquire, or beings to only take care of them.  We can do this partly just by acting and believing that we are equal.


Today is a positive day!  Just over one hundred years ago, women were not considered equal really anywhere in the world.  Now, we are in many places.  However, so many women are still struggling for equality.  And even here in the U.S., women still do not have equal pay to men in various jobs.  So, help to connect girls and help them believe that they are equal and that they do deserve equality, equal pay, and respect.  By helping to build girls’ self-esteems and confidence, we can help them to feel empowered.

Sometimes it is the most simple actions that can create a positive reaction.

Let’s get the conversation going! Do any of you have other suggestions to help connect girls and inspire futures?  Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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Have a sunny day everyone! 🙂


Please Note: The image above is used under the Commons license, shared by The Field Museum Library on Flickr, and can be found here:

The Versatile Blogger Award










Hi everyone!

So Sarah at BEskincareful gave me a Versatile Blogger Award about a week ago (along with some other blogs she newly discovered)!  Thanks so much Sarah!  This is such a fun little award to receive, and then be able to pass along~ so let’s get down to it 🙂

The Rules are:

1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link back

2. Tell 7 things about yourself

3. Pass this onto newly discovered blogs and let them know they received the award.

So here’s 7 Random Things About Myself (in the order I thought of them):

1. I love tea!… Well, that pretty much sums that up 😉

To go along with my love of tea, I occasionally help my sister with her awesome tea business Compass Tea Company.  As I sit here typing this, I am drinking a cup of tea. 🙂

2. I have no one favorite color.  However, if you asked my mom or my boyfriend they would probably claim my favorite color was blue due to the amount of blue clothes I have, or pink for the same reason 😉

I actually have a set of colors that I love instead- blue, green, and purple together is so beautiful!  However, I also equally love pink.  Yellow and orange have started to move up as well.  Even red (which used to be my least favorite color) is a color I’m starting to gravitate towards.  So, it’s starting to look like my favorite colors are all of them.  🙂

3. I am an extremely picky eater.  I love many health foods like fruits and veggies (luckily) but I am equally picky about health foods as I am about any other types of foods.  This pickiness has become worse as I started looking into what exactly is in processed foods and decided to eliminate them from my diet.  Oh well, I still love chocolate 🙂

4. I love animals and I worked at a small no-kill animal shelter for a total of almost two years.  The first round was while I was still in high school, and the other was almost right after graduating.  I still petsit on occasion.  This way the pets do not need to go to a kennel, and possibly feel stress and anxiety.  My mom was convinced ever since I was little that I would become a vet and I probably could have been one, except I have no wish to perform surgeries.

5. I love yoga.  I try to manage to practice it at least once a day, but sometimes I just can’t make that happen.  I have even contemplated becoming a yoga teacher because I feel it really can change a person’s life for the better.

6. Now, the second half of this one I do not typically share with people (unless they share my love for this classic TV series too)

I rarely watch TV or movies (except for yoga DVDs), and on the rare occasion that I do, it is a safe bet that I am watching Scooby Doo.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s the classic Where Are You Scooby Doo?, or the newer What’s New Scooby Doo?, either way, if I’m extremely stressed, I probably have it on in the background.  🙂

7. I have recently been looking into feng shui and how I can maybe help balance my life through my surroundings.  A little random for me, perhaps, but I am fascinated by the idea that objects and colors around you can have an impact on your well-being and life.

I feel like those are completely random things about me, but most of them are things that most people can figure out about me (or end up talking to me about) in short amounts of time if they’re around me.  So, now all of you reading my blog know them too 🙂

And now for the blogs that I’ve found within the past two months and have been enjoying reading!  If any of these have already received the Versatile Blogger Award, I honestly would not be surprised because they are all really wonderful blogs 🙂  These are the five that I’ve been catching up on recently whenever I can (inbetween college coursework).

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So, go check them out and have a sunny day! 🙂