Sunny Mother Nature Says Purple is for Romantics

Sunny Mother Nature says purple is perfect for Romantics!

Although it’s still the middle of January, it seems that many, including myself, are looking towards Valentine’s Day to get them through the snowy, winter season. 

I absolutely love pink!  But, I love purple just as much!  And with Valentine’s nearing, people always automatically think they must wear either red, or pink to look romantic.

But, hold on there!  If you want to wear something beautiful and romantic on Valentine’s Day, don’t feel you need to wear red or pink.

Instead, wear purple!  Purple is romantic, beautiful and feminine.  It’s a wonderful color for Valentine’s Day instead of the usual red and pink. Or, for anytime when you want to feel and look amazing!

So, here’s some of my picks from my Etsy Treasury List called “Purple is for Romantics.”

A Purple Dress (that looks like a top and a skirt) for that Valentine’s Day date, or any day to the office

From MyLolaFashion on

A Purple Flower Headband for that date, or just all day Valentine’s Day


From milarosedesigns on

and A Purple and White Butterfly Charm Ring for any occasion

From bellamantra on

All such pretty purple items!  And all are perfect for Romantics on Valentine’s Day, or any day you feel romantic!  So, try wearing purple this Valentine’s Day!  Mother Nature agrees that it’s a beautiful romantic twist to the expected Valentine’s reds and pinks we’ll be seeing.

If you would like to see all the items featured in my treasury, please click here

Please Note: I am not affiliated, nor do I know any of the Etsy shops I featured here, or in my treasury.  They just have beautiful items.

Sunny Mother Nature Loves Flower Headbands!

Sunny Mother Nature just loves flower headbands!

I’ve liked this trend, but it wasn’t until very recently that I fell in love with it.  It is so easy to add a cute headband, especially one with an adorable flower, and just instantly look more pulled together and on trend! So many colors look awesome as flowers on headbands, but my personal favorites are black, hot pink, and dark purple!

Like this one from milarosedesigns on  It is a  black with white polka dots flower on a headband!  It is so pretty, and so quick to add to any outfit.

Please click here to go to this headband-

So, go grab a flower headband you already have, or buy one and start rocking an awesome headband!  

And Mother Nature won’t mind if you splurge on one if it means it’ll make your day, and the day of others around you, more sunny!

Please Note- I am not affiliated with milarosedesigns on  I just love their headbands!