5 Months of No Processed Foods and No Processed Sugar!

I can hardly believe that it’s been 5 months since I started the No Processed Foods and No Processed Sugar Challenge (aka the Real Food Challenge) on April 23, 2011! It’s been a really interesting 5 months.

Here’s some updates on my four goals I wrote about from my first blog post on Day 1 of No Sugar and No Processed Foods Challenge with Sunny Mother Nature . To go to my first blog post, click here.

Update on my Energy Level

Honestly, my energy level has been really low recently. However, this has not been caused by what I’m eating but much more based on other things going on in my life: crazy long commuting times, lack of sleep, flooding scare, etc. So, my energy level probably won’t be going up really quickly anytime soon. I’ll just keep drinking the yerba mate with honey til then ūüôā

Update on my Acne

From the middle of July until the middle of August I wasn’t home (No, I wasn’t on vacation) and so I just couldn’t be as strict with what I ate and didn’t eat. So, my acne did start showing up again.

What was awesome though is that once I was back home from the middle of August until now, I’ve been pretty consistent with what I have been eating (other than one day which I basically ate whatever and so I felt physically horrible for a couple days after).

So, my acne has really been improving. What’s interesting is that my acne really is related to what I’m eating. So, whenever I’m eating just real food, my skin begins to clear up.

This is a huge thing for me because I normally would have four pimples starting every week (if not more pimples). And, my acne was mostly cystic acne. The pimples were just so painful. Now, my acne isn’t nearly as painful, and most of the pimples come to a head (instead of maybe just slowly going away).

Except for the occasional pimple, I mostly have only scars on my face anymore. And since I am very fair (aka very pale) the red acne scars are noticable on my skin. However, even they are starting to fade away! So, this no processed foods and no sugar is really working for my skin. It’s just awesome. (I might put up before and after photos of my face~ let me know if you’re interested ūüôā ).

Update on Weight Loss

Photo from November 2010 (below)










Photo from September 2011 (below)










Another one of my minor goals was to possibly lose about 10 pounds (that is the amount of weight that I typically gained during the winter).

I have actually lost 29 lbs since April 23rd, 2011. I went from being around 156 lbs. (This was my weight maybe a week or two into the challenge. I might have lost a couple pounds before this?) down to 127 lbs. in 5 months.

This is incredible. What was so interesting was that I kept thinking when I hit a weight that I would level off there: at 145 lbs, at 140 lbs, at 135 lbs, and even at 130 lbs. And yet, I kept losing weight. I honestly haven’t been 127 lbs. since I was around 12 years old. I was 135 lbs. at 13 years old and in 7th grade. The lowest I was in high school was 145 lbs. so I really thought I wouldn’t go lower than that.

Since I didn’t update during this time on my weight, here’s how it went:

beginning of August- 138 lbs

middle of August- 136 lbs

beginning of September- 130 lbs

on Sept 23- 127 lbs

And there were basically three things that I did: I stopped eating processed foods. I stopped eating sugar. And in June I started doing yoga daily.

I do really want to emphasize that I do not count calories. I believe that if you are eating healthy that you do not need to count them. I just eat until I’m full. I also just find it annoying to count calories. I have enough to look at on the label with ingredients, cholesterol, and saturated fat content. ūüôā

Update on Feeling Healthy Goal

I have been feeling healthy (minus the lack of energy). I honestly just consistently feel better when I’m eating real foods and no processed foods or sugar.

I don’t believe I put this into any of my other posts, but I was told by my doctor in August 2010 that I have IBS (aka irritable bowel syndrome). It was probably the the worst summer ever for me because I literally felt so incredibly horrible all the time. There were very few days that I felt even just ok.

Although I was able to get my IBS under control by the end of August 2010, there still would be times from August until May 2011 where I would feel fine and then suddenly I would just feel horrible again. Just the pain itself was really bad, excluding the other symptoms.

Once I started eating no processed foods and no sugar though, I feel great most of the time. The times that I don’t feel good are when I’m not eating as consistently. This is probably the best result I’ve had from this challenge. I love that I can go out and do not have to wonder whether my IBS will make me feel absolutely horrible that day.

I hope that some of my positive results from the No Processed Foods and No Processed Sugar Challenge inspires you to eat healthy too!

Have a sunny day!


Quick Update on Why I Have Been Away

Hello everyone!

So, I’m so sorry that I haven’t been posting on my blog as regularly as I normally am.¬† It’s almost been a month since I blogged the last time.

Basically, I have been crazy busy and haven’t been near (or¬†on)¬†a computer mostly¬†since the middle of July until now.¬† I would love to say that I’ve been on vacation and that’s why I’ve been MIA, but it’s sadly not that.¬†

So many things have been happening in my life recently, including college started up again.¬† And since I’m commuting, I have to get used to a minimum of a 3 hour commute (total time, although some days it takes 2 hours each way) a day.¬† This is going from a 1 hour commute (total time)¬†that I’ve been doing for the past couple of years.¬† So, this has been interesting.

Also, when Tropical Storm Lee came through Pennsylvania, my parents and I weren’t sure whether our house would be flooded or not (during the 1972 flood the house had water completely in the basement and even¬†30-some inches¬†onto the first floor).¬† So, when the news broadcasters were saying this flooding would be about as bad as the 1972 flood, we were really worried.¬† Amazingly, our house did not have water¬†in it¬†except for a couple inches in the basement.¬† However, we did have a lake just a couple feet from¬†our house that normally is¬†a park.¬†¬†We feel really lucky and our hearts definitely go out to those who did lose¬†everything because of this flooding.

The¬†possible flooding made us move tons of our¬†belongings from the first floor up to the second floor.¬† And we¬†have still not moved everything back.¬† It’s going to take a lot¬†of time.¬†¬†It’s just been so overwhelming.¬† Therefore, we have been taking it slow.

Also, right before Lee, the car that I share with my parents decided to stop working.  So, I ended up missing three days of school between the lack of a car and Lee.  Luckily, the car was able to be fixed and seems to be working well again.

So, that’s some of what has been happening over on my end.¬† I hope you all are doing well and that none of you were affected by the floodings, the fires, etc. that have been going on in the world.

I hope you have a sunny day!