Why I Tried Organic Eggs and My Nature’s Promise Organic Eggs Review


I used to love eating eggs: hardboiled, omlet, and especially scrambled.

That is, until my body changed and I no longer could tolerate any of these. The only way I could eat storebought eggs for almost two years was if an egg was baked into some kind of main dish (for example, if an egg was baked into a cake, etc.).

This happened about a year before my IBS started, yet even in that year it seemed inconsistent. I could eat some eggs and be ok, but others I would end up completely sick from them.  It was only until I read somewhere online that someone else had this same problem with storebought eggs and could not eat them because they would get sick, but fresh eggs they felt fine on that I started to notice when I actually felt bad.

The regular storebought eggs: After every time I ate them I would feel horrible.

Fresh eggs from my brother in law’s familyI felt fine every time after eating them.

Yet, even after starting to notice this as a pattern, I still would dread eating even fresh eggs because I worried that I would become ill like after eating storebought eggs.

Even until recently, I had still been restricting how many eggs I consumed because of that worry.

That was, until about a week ago, when I became so hungry for fried rice, but I had no fresh eggs. (With my no processed foods challenge, I make it myself with brown rice and an egg, or two.  If you want a little bit more something, add some low sodium soy sauce)

So, I began to wonder whether organic eggs would give me trouble like normal storebought eggs.  I decided to try it and risk myself feeling horrible just to see if I could eat organic eggs, and I can!

My body is completely fine with the organic eggs.  This was absolutely wonderful to find out 🙂  Also, they tasted really fresh.

I tried Nature’s Promise Organic Eggs mostly because these were the only organic eggs available at my grocery store (Giant Grocery Stores in PA).  There were only two other options, and both were not organic, but “pure” and “natural.”  So, these two other options are not regulated, but they want me to pay more for them.

Nature’s Promise Organic Cage Free, Fresh Brown Eggs Large, Grade A, on the other hand, are USDA Organic certified (look for the label like I have at the top of this post).  So, they have to follow strict guidelines to be labelled as organic by the USDA.  These eggs are from organically raised hens.  They use no antibiotics, no synthetic hormones, and no synthetic pesticides, which is wonderful because this is all stuff I am trying to avoid.

However, be careful when eggs are labelled as “cage free.”  Although in theory “cage free” is a wonderful idea, there is no regulation determining what “cage free” actually means.  So, it sadly could just mean that the chickens are all on a floor crowded together.  The U.S. government needs to place regulations on “cage free” so that we, the consumers, are NOT misguided by terms such as this on packaging.

Overall, these organic eggs have no antibiotics, no synthetic hormones, no synthetic pesticides, are USDA certified organic, and they tasted wonderful!  I’m sure other organic egg brands taste just as good and, if USDA certified organic,will not contain antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or synthetic pesticides as well.  Just make sure you are not misinformed by the terms “natural,” “pure,” or “cage free” on any packaging because none of these terms are regulated.  I will definitely be continually using these organic eggs whenever I do not have fresh eggs 🙂

So, if you’re looking for some nice eggs, but do not want anything in them that could harm your health, or you are like me and cannot tolerate regular storebought eggs, try some Organic Eggs, like Nature’s Promise!  You and Mother Nature will be a little healthier and happier 🙂

Have a sunny day!


Please Note: I did not receive free eggs, or anything else, from Nature’s Promise.  I am not affiliated with Nature’s Promise, and I am not being compensated by them.  My parents bought this carton of eggs.

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  1. abdul moeed
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 00:54:58

    Hi how are you.

    Could you please tell me that what are you feeling before and after about your health?Did you see any improvement in your health?

    • sunnymothernature
      Jan 03, 2012 @ 22:59:43

      Hi Abdul Moeed- Thank you for commenting!

      I’m good. How are you? 🙂

      Are you asking how I felt before on storebought eggs and how I felt after I switched just to organic eggs and fresh eggs? Or are you asking about how I felt before cutting out processed foods and sugar, and after I had cut them out? I’ll answer both but I’m just not sure which you’re asking me 🙂

      (I hope this is not too much information, and if it is, I apologize)- When I was eating regular storebought eggs, I would get symptoms that are similar to my IBS symptoms (Although I started having trouble with storebought eggs two years before I started having trouble with many other foods and was diagnosed with IBS)- these symptoms for me were extremely painful stomach cramps and diarrhea. And this was true every time I would eat storebought eggs if egg was the main component of the food (like omlets, or any breakfast egg dishes). Typically I did not have problems if there were storebought eggs in homemade bread, or other dishes where egg was just a minor ingredient.

      After I switched completely to organic eggs and fresh eggs, these symptoms completely disappeared. I do not have any problems with eggs anymore, and can eat hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, etc. without any negative symptoms. So, I definitely believe that it was beneficial to my health to have switched. Something about the storebought eggs just did not agree with my stomach.

      If you were asking moreso about how I felt before and after cutting out processed foods and sugar, here’s this answer: Before cutting out processed food and refined sugar, I definitely felt sluggish, and I had terrible acne. I also had been borderline overweight since I was eight years old. Also, I had been having trouble with IBS for almost a year starting in 2010 (I cut out processed foods and sugar in April of 2011), and so food had become almost an enemy to me. I still was eating a normal amount, but I just felt unsure about what I could and could not eat.

      But, I wanted to change that. I wanted to feel good about food again- I wanted it to be nourishing to my body and help heal and clear my skin, as well as help increase my health.

      And it really did that. I’ve cut out processed foods and refined sugar for eight months now and for seven of those months I felt a lot better than I have for years. My energy incresed, my skin cleared, I lost weight, and my overall health just improved. (This past month I’ve been having trouble- but it’s due to the fiber supplement, I had been taking for the IBS, changing and no longer working for me. So, my IBS symptoms came back, and I had to be really careful again how I was eating and what I was eating. Once I switched over to another fiber supplement about two weeks ago, the IBS is mostly dormant again, and my health seems to be rising back to what it was before December.)

      So, overall cutting out processed foods and refined sugar definitely improved my overall health. I went from being borderline overweight to losing thirty-five pounds. I am a healthy weight now. Also, I have good cholesterol and blood pressure levels. These two things are especially important to me because, although I am only twenty-two years old right now, my mother and father both had high cholesterol levels. My mom’s levels were especially high. And my mom also had a really high blood pressure level. Luckily, they both have gotten their cholesterol levels down, and my mom also brought her blood pressure down. They also both were overweight as well during the past ten years, and both have brought their weight down to healthier levels.

      Since my parents have struggled with these health issues, I want to try to constantly keep a proactive approach to my health, and I feel that I am following that at this point. I believe that cutting out processed foods and refined sugar definitely improved my health and will continue to.

      I hope one of these two answers I gave answers your questions 🙂 I’m sorry they ended up being really long answers though. If you have any more questions, or if neither of my responses answer your question, please feel free to ask me in another comment.

      Have a sunny day 🙂

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