Sunny Mother Nature Says Use Curtains

Sunny Mother Nature says if you want to help Mother Nature, use curtains instead of blinds!

I love curtains.  I think the idea of pushing back floor length curtains to reveal the sunlight in the morning is just awesome.  Yes, it does bring to mind Victorian times, or medieval times, but I’m ok with that.

My problem with blinds, compared to curtains is this~ blinds are much more difficult to clean, or dust compared to curtains.  All you have to do with curtains is just put them in the washer on delicate/gentle cycle, and then for one minute in the dryer, and hang them back up. 

With blinds?  They collect the dust as well as dirt in your home.  If you want them to actually get clean, you have to scrub them~not so easy.

Also, have you ever noticed how much quicker blinds wear out compared to curtains?  Curtains last for years!  Yet, blinds will start to bend and they will stop “opening” so your only option is to just pull them open, or vice versa.  Even the individual blinds will begin to go different directions…I mean the list could go on forever!

Not only that, but the fabric of curtains, even if you’re done using them as curtains, could be used for something else.  With blinds?  They just go straight to the landfill~there’s no real way to really reuse them.

But overall, I think blinds just do not look as beautiful as if there are curtains on the windows.  Curtains bring an atmosphere with them to a room that blinds just lack.

So, use curtains, not blinds!  Mother Nature will love you for it, and your windows will add to the design of your room, not take away.

Go out, live greener, live sunnier, and have a sunny day!


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