Today’s Cup of Tea is Tropical Island Getaway with Sunny Mother Nature

Relax and have a cup of Tropical Island Getaway tea with Sunny Mother Nature!

I know it is winter, but I cannot get the beach off my brain.  So to help, I’m drinking Tropical Island Getaway tea, a blend you can only get from Compass Teas.

It is a caffeine free green rooibos blend.  It has peach, mango and papaya bits in it.  This makes it a fruity rooibos tea, to help you feel like you’re at the beach, even if you’re miles away from the nearest one (like me).

Rooibos is another tea that can be found in two types-green and red.  Both kinds can help aid in digestion. 

Tropical Island Getaway tea is $7.00 for 3 oz, which makes about 40 cups of tea!

If you would like to know more about the benefits of this specific tea, or are just interested in Tropical Island Getaway tea, please visit

So, grab a cup of Tropical Island Getaway tea, and we’ll both imagine we’re on a beautiful, warm, sunny beach with cool, clear, blue water…

“Sometimes the world feels scary and unsafe, but if you and I have a cup of tea, it’ll suddenly feel much more like a warm and inviting place.” ~Kim Maurer, aka Sunny Mother Nature

Please Note- I am affiliated with Compass Tea Company,  The price and ounces listed here were correct at the time I posted them.  They may change without my knowledge.

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