Sunny Mother Nature Loves the Wen Saw Cut Shower Comb

Sunny Mother Nature loves the Wen Saw-Cut Shower Comb!

Ok, so a comb is nothing to get excited about, right?  Wrong!

I was surprised to find out about six months ago that your comb could be a cause of major breakage to your hair, resulting in overall damaged hair.

Think about it. Today, most combs are made by a mold- and that mold leaves a raised line running horizontally through every tooth of the comb. Your hair can then snag on this line from the mold, causing your hair to break!  So, I now only use a saw-cut comb.

It’s still taking a while for my hair to recover, but it is truly amazing how much less breakage I have just by changing my comb! 

This comb is $15 from, but saving your hair from extra damage and breakage makes it totally worth it.  It is a plastic comb so that if you want to use the comb in the shower, you won’t have problems with it.

So, try the Wen Saw-Cut Shower Comb, or another saw-cut comb.  You’ll be amazed at how much less hair is on the comb!  

And Mother Nature won’t mind because this comb will last longer than many of the cheaper plastic combs, which means less plastic waste in the long run.  Also, if using a new comb means having to use less hair products designed just to help protect against damage and breakage, it’ll be worth it for you and Mother Nature!


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