Sunny Mother Nature Says Don’t Watch the News-Read It

Sunny Mother Nature says avoid watching the news.  Read the news instead!

Watching the news has changed drastically since it first began in the 1940s.  Today’s news is basically 59 minutes of everything that is going bad in the world mixed in with ads telling you to buy, buy, buy!  Then, for that last 1 minute they will tell you a warm fuzzy story about a kid saving the dolphins, or something.

So, what does all that negative, bad news and all those ads do to you?  They raise your blood pressure levels and your stress levels.  And the kicker-most of the time you won’t even realize it.

What do you do?  Well, although it would be nice to live in a happy, anti-negative and anti-depressing bubble that is free of anything bad in the world-that is just not the case. 

So, read the news instead of watching it!  Read that newspaper from the library, or go online to read your news.  The results?  You will only read the news you actually want to know about, and because you are not actually watching live images of the bad news, you will be able to stay calmer.

After all, how much of that bad news can you personally, help to become less negative?  Very little of it.  So, by reading it, you will not be taking on the pressures, burdens and worries of the world as much as if you were watching it on TV.  Mother Nature understands that no one else can take the burdens that she deals with.  She wants you to have a fulfilling and happy life, and that does not involve becoming stressed and upset over things that you cannot change.


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