Sunny Mother Nature Says Bribing Yourself is Okay Every Now and Then

Sunny Mother Nature says if you have to bribe yourself sometimes, it’s ok!

There are just times when you really don’t want to do something.  Whether it is doing the taxes, writing out that bill that really needs to be paid, writing that paper that has instructions that you need a lawyer to decipher, or reading that book that you would rather give away than ever even think about reading~ we’ve all been there.

So, I am here to say~ for things that you really need an incentive to get done, don’t feel guilty for bribing yourself every now and then to finish them!

It is okay! 

Buy that one purse you’ve wanted for ages but couldn’t justify!  Or that organic shirt you’ve been dreaming about.  Or anything else that will bribe you enough to get whatever you need to get done, done.

But here are the rules that you need to follow for this to really work as an incentive (and not turn into a time when you’re just buying something).

1) Don’t buy what you’re bribing yourself with, until AFTER you’ve accomplished what your goal was.

2) Don’t feel like your reward has to be very big.  After all, going into debt for a bribe is not the goal.  Last year, I bought a pair of stockings on clearance, on a site’s one free shipping day (to get me through this depressing book I had to read for a class).  My bribe cost less than $10!

3) Make sure you give yourself a specific deadline to finish whatever you need to finish, to earn your bribe, or you will not allow yourself to buy that bribe. 

4) Make sure that your deadline is a realistic one for whatever job you’re trying to accomplish.

Bribing yourself also can work this way.  If doing some specific thing always makes you upset, try bribing yourself to stay calm.  Then, if you stayed calm the entire time you were working on what you needed to get done, bribe yourself with a little reward.

Mother Nature understands that there are just some things that a little incentive is needed to get done.  Just please, for Mother Nature’s sake, try to bribe yourself with something good for her-like an organic dress, or recycled totes.  Mother Nature then will feel a little bit sunnier along with you, as you enjoy your little reward.

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