Sunny Mother Nature Says Organize One Area Today!

Sunny Mother Nature says to organize just one area today!

I know it is often times difficult to find time to clean and, especially, organize.  However, it is the beginning of the new year, so a few areas organized won’t hurt, right?  So, fear not!

The plan to go by is instead of trying to tackle an entire room, or even an entire organizing “project” you made for yourself, try this:

just organize one small area 

It doesn’t have to be the smallest room in your house, or even that hallway that really needs to be cleaned.  Start out with something that has been bugging you for a while now, but you just haven’t found the time to work on.  You don’t even have to spend money to organize it.  Instead, find something that you already have to help you organize.

For me, it is my scarves.  I love scarves and I especially wear them on snowy days like today in the Northeast.  I have probably ten of them, but I don’t buy them for myself.  Other people, like my sister, have given them to me. 

So, what did I do?  I found a row of hooks that wasn’t being used (except to hold two random hangers) in another closet, and placed it behind my door. 

Now, suddenly I was using an area and an object that both weren’t being used to help myself get a little bit more organized!  My scarves are no longer just thrown across my chairs.  (The result was the photograph at the beginning of this post.)

Craft supplies were another thing that I just really needed to organize.  They were just all over the place!  So, I took this random beautiful shiny red box that was in a closet and placed all of my needles, crochet needles, yarn, a couple of needlepoint kits in there.  Suddenly, I was done and organized! 

If you don’t have my scarf problem, or any trouble with craft supplies, here are some other tiny organizing projects you can do:


where the mail goes- use a random decorative box you have and place the mail in there.  If you have a couple different sizes in the boxes, that would help for the different sized mail.  Or, if you have boxes with different sections in them, then you could place mail in one, or two, and place pens, pencils, and scissors in another!  You can use decorative boxes to help organize so many things!

purses -use a row of hooks for this too

makeup brushes – use old mason jars, or any old jars/ mugs/ glasses you no longer use that are nice looking and place your brushes in there.  Now they’re not all over the place! 

lip glosses and lip sticks- same idea as makeup brushes

These are just a few, tiny suggestions to get you started.  There are so many more to choose from!

Is this the end of organizing?  Of course not.  There is still so much to do.  Yet, by doing this one tiny act of organizing, it may make us both feel up to organizing another tiny space.  From there, maybe up to organizing an entire room.  Little steps, little steps…

And Mother Nature will be happy that we are all organizing because that means things will be in their place and then there will be less consumption.  Therefore, when you look for that pair of scissors, you’ll be able to find it, instead of having to buy another pair every time the pair before it is lost.  So, happy organizing!


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