Today’s Cup of Tea is Lemongrass with Sunny Mother Nature

Sunny Mother Nature loves lemongrass tea!

I am an avid tea drinker.  Sometimes I drink tea because I need more energy.  Other times I drink tea to relax and calm down.  Today though, I am drinking tea to help get rid of a headache.

Luckily, in my tea cabinet I have lemongrass tea.  If brewed longer than the average cup of tea (more like 5-10 minutes compared to the regular 2-3 minutes) it can help make headaches take a hike!  Just drink two or three cups of tea brewed this long and you’ll be amazed that your headache goes away.  Also, lemongrass tea is caffeine-free for anyone who prefers caffeine-free teas.

I love Compass Tea Company’s Lemongrass Tea, $5 for 1.5 oz at  It is made from all organic ingredients.  However, lemongrass tea can be bought from many different places and suppliers. 

So, sit down, relax and have a cup of lemongrass tea with me.  It’ll help melt the day and your headache away. 

“Sometimes the world feels scary and unsafe, but if you and I have a cup of tea, it’ll suddenly feel much more like a warm and inviting place.” ~Kim Maurer, aka Sunny Mother Nature

Please Note-I am affiliated with Compass Tea Company.  The price and ounces listed here were correct at the time I posted them.  They may change without my knowledge.

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