Sunny Mother Nature Says Ban “Should”

Sunny Mother Nature says to ban “should” from everyone’s vocabulary, and to demote “would,”  “must,” and “have”!! 

Why?  Because, they lead to negative thinking!  Think about it-when anyone uses any of those words, how many times are they really used in a good way? 

“I should go do this.”

“I should’ve done that.”

“I would’ve done it that way.”

“People should’ve treated me this way.”

“People just have to treat me well.”

“I must do well.”

“He must treat me nicely.”

Now “would” and “have” can be used in good ways too, but “should”  really needs to become banned!

This idea is part of a Psychology Therapy called Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (aka REBT).  REBT has three main thoughts it focuses on:

1) I MUST perform well and win approval

2) others HAVE to treat me well, nicely, etc.

3) my life SHOULD not be frustrating

All three of these thoughts are irrational and self-defeating.  Does it help you, or anyone else to think this way?  The answer is no.

These irrational thoughts can be stopped just by rational examination and taking a broader look at our thoughts.

 For example 1), we are all going to make mistakes and no one is perfect, nor is everyone going to like you. 

For example 2), no one HAS to treat any one else well.  It would be nice if people did always treat each other well and nicely, but that sadly is not always the case. 

For example 3), life is always going to have its frustrations and disappointments.  That is part of life.  We just can hope that we are able to cope and accept whatever comes our way.

If you decide to get rid of just one word from your vocabulary, please ban “should”!  You’ll be surprised to see how often you go to use that word and then stop before you say it.  Then you realize that what you were going to say was negative.  I have been completely surprised by how many times I’ve been caught by “should”.

This, in turn, will then lead to less negative thinking about your life, others, etc., and could even lead to being happier.

And Mother Nature will be happy to hear that others are leading happier lives just by banning a word from their vocabulary, and not by material things.

(All my information about REBT is from my Psychology of Adjustment class.  If you want more information on my resource, please let me know.)

Sunny Mother Nature Says Resist!

Sunny Mother Nature says to resist along with reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Everywhere I go I always seem bombarded by “The Three Rs”- reduce, reuse, and recycle. All three are excellent and will help lower humans’ impact on the Earth but I feel like a fourth R is in order- resist.

But while we are being constantly told to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we are also being bombarded to buy, buy, and buy more. We need to resist the need given not hourly, but minutely by ads, TV commercials, etc. to us to buy and spend more.

To resist spending is difficult. I have to constantly remind myself that I don’t need something and that I already have products to use up before I buy more.

Yet, if we follow resist along with the other three Rs, we will save money, have more room in our house, apartment, etc. (because we’re not stockpiling products), we won’t be wasting products or money, and Mother Nature will feel a little sunnier.

Sunny Mother Nature Says Healthier is NOT the Same as Healthy

Sunny Mother Nature says that healthier is not the same as healthy!

I always find it amusing when people tell me that the margarine, or butter they use is so much healthier than the butter that they used to use.  Or that the chocolate they’re eating is healthier because it ONLY has 5g of saturated fat compared to 9g in the chocolate they normally buy.

Yes, buying “healthier” products is better for all of us than buying what we may normally buy.  I do often times buy that “healthier” margarine and the “healthier” chocolate myself.  Yet, is that 5g of chocolate really that much better than the 9g?  Especially if we eat more than what we would’ve eaten if it was the 9g?  I’m not saying continue buying the 9g chocolate, or the really high cholesterol, high saturated fat, high sodium butter, chips, frozen food, etc. at all. 

No.  My question and worry is that people will assume that by eating and buying these “healthier” items, they will believe they are eating “healthy”.  When, in actuality they may be far from eating healthy.  We may still be getting high amounts of bad cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium by eating these “healthier” products. 

And the food ads are no help here.  Even various chips have on their packaging that they have 25% less fat than the original chips!  Yet, when you look at the back, they are still not that healthy of a chip.

So, what to do?  Well, I do not believe in depriving oneself of anything.  Instead, moderation is key. 

Look at food labels for the amounts and percentages of cholesterol, fats, and sodium, especially, in a product.  You will be surprised how high some of these percentages really are.  (This does take time, but it’s worth it.)

Just buy less processed and packaged foods.  Many packaged foods aren’t really that good for us anyway. 

Buy more actual fruits and vegetables-not fruit juices, or fruit snacks. 

And please, eat healthy, not “healthier”.  Mother Nature will be sunnier just thinking about it.  After all, if we’re all eating healthy, that means less packaging waste and less energy consumption for Mother Nature to deal with.